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Sailing across the tyrrhenian sea, drifting gently along the coast, we can appreciate the sights and the soothing sounds of the silence of the sky and the sun. Our itinerary takes in the mosta enchanting and suggestive places evoked by myths and legends in the Mediterranean, combining nature and culture. A holiday when time comes to a standstill offering you to enjoy the magnificent surroundings. On board our comfortable first class boat we can promise you the time of your life with lazy, drifting days made up of lights. Mediterranean food, music, reading the best sea stories, archaeological visits and panoramic excursions.


Campania has extraordinary archeological, human and environmental resources, in these places people and ancient cultures and civilizations have been melting for three thousand years. It is for this reason that our idea is to point to our artistic heritage to form a series of tours that join the desire to relax and the wish of knowing such important archeological sites. The great number of places having an enormous historical value that can be visited made us deciding to organize different tours, realizing each one’s desires. However, we give the possibility to agree and adeguate both the route and the periods of your special holidays.

We would like to dedicate more words on the meals since we think that is a very important aspect during a vacation.
All the dishes at Myra are bound to the Campania region territory and are made professionally and with fantasy.
We only use very high quality ingredients such as the pasta “Setaro” or “Antichi pastifici Gragnanesi”, extra virgin olive oil from Montecorice, Buffalo Mozzarella, and Fiordilatte from Sorrento, cherry tomatoes from Sorrento, and “Provolone del Monaco” cheese.
We cook and serve only local cached fishes (breaded fish are banned!!) anchovies, squids, sword fish, tuna, and other white meat Mediterranean fishes.
Every day there is a fixed menu which is mainly composed by fish based dishes, however, customized menus are available and can be discussed with the direction.